Review: Waterlogue

Every now and then an app comes along that does just one task, but it does it so well it grabs the public’s imagination. Waterlogue by Tinrocket, is not the first app of it’s kind but it currently seems to be the best. It’s function is relatively simple, take your photos and turn them into awesome looking watercolour paintings. 

Now, before we get into the app review properly it’s important to point out a few things. Using this app probably doesn’t qualify you to be called an artist, at least not in the traditional sense. Simply pressing a button to transform a photo using an algorithm in no way replicates the ability, talent and skill of a true artist. However, if you want to create some truly amazing looking images from everyday scenes but lack the required ability then this app might be your best bet. It’s a little like Instagram, in that it allows you to take a normal looking shot and transform it into a digitally filtered creation.

The process is very simple. Pick a photo from your camera roll and Waterlogue instantly starts painting it on the screen before your eyes. The simple process of watching the app add the colour is quite memorising in itself and once it is finished you are often left with a rather lovely watercolour variant of your photograph. 

Photo of The Iron Bridge, in IronBridge: By Karl Madden

From here you may either use another ‘filter’ to get another effect or share your new artwork across Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr or turn it into a 4x6 postcard to be shipped anywhere in the world via Sincerely. Of course you can also just save it back to your camera roll or email it. 

The App is currently available in the Apple App store for £1.99.