The Mac & Forth Show 068 - Smarter Signals

Another week and another show that gathers together the weeks Apple related news and pokes a very pointy stick at it. We have a full house this week as RicMattBarry and Karl are joined by Alex G. Fox (The AirWaves Podcast) and Mark Chappell (EssentialMac & The Rampant Mumblings Podcast) as they discuss and pontificate upon the news, rumours and debates of the last seven days.

A Brief Recap.

Nothing To See Here.

Forcing the Force Touch.

Smarter Signals.

6S Is Already Dooooooomed.

Naughty MacKeeper.

10 Years? Really?
Ars Technica PieceIntellectual Property Office Consultation Document Link

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PS: After the end credit music I added a little ditty I created in Garageband, just for a bit of fun.

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Karl: Score! Hero
Ric: Emby
Barry: iNetTools – Network Diagnose Tools
Alex: Google Nik Collection
Matt: Anker Nylon Braided USB Cable with Lightning Connector

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