The Mac & Forth team was formed from molten steel then hammered, moulded and sculptured into the fine tech team you hear on each show....

Ok, Ok. They all got together one night in a London pub and had an idea for a show, happy now?



Karl has been interested in technology ever since he got his first Sinclair ZX-81. Since then he has nearly always had his head stuck in some kind of screen or another. His love of all things Apple happened a few years ago when he was handed the iPhone 3G that his brother had just bought from a friend and asked to set it up. The experience was literally transforming in that within a few hours he went from an Apple hater to an Apple lover. Since then it was a slippery slope as one by one each piece of Windows kit was slowly replaced by an Apple alternative.  

He was also one half of The Here 'N' There Show and a regular guest on The Airwaves.



Matt is an American who grew up in Canada and now lives mostly in the UK. He is a Consultant/Support Engineer in his own company called Mac PT based in the UK, US & Canada.

Matt has been involved in technology from a very young age, his interest in Apple began when the Macintosh was launched in 1984 and his father purchased one as a family computer, this was at the age of 12 and he has never looked back.

Since then he have worked in most fields of IT and on most platforms (Windows, Mac, Solaris, Linux). He has a bachelors and masters degree in Computer Sciences which he achieved while serving in the US Marines, but if he talks about that he'd have to kill you…

After leaving the Military he worked for Microsoft as a Windows Engineer until he came to his senses and decided to return to the Apple world. While working at Apple he has worked within Apple Retail here in the UK designing new stores and implementing training programs for new staff. He also worked for Apple Corporate at the Mothership in Cupertino where he helped design the Apple training system called “Retail Me” for all Apple staff within the company worldwide, and also developing training programs for new Apple tech to be launched (which means he gets to play with all new tech months before anyone else does). :-)

This is his first attempt at podcasting (thanks to Karl badgering him until he caved in and agreed) so be gentle with him!



Ric is a Mac Tech. Has been for yonks.

His greatest achievement was coming 9th in his 50m swimming race when he was 12; despite the organisers advising against him competing due his inclination to drown and wee in the pool.


Barry has had an interest in technology since, as a child, he took apart the family cat to locate the source of the purr. 

After learning Sinclair BASIC he took the obvious career path of a fork-lift driver but the interest in tech never dwindled.

In 1991, he was offered a job learning RS232 communications and Stratus mainframe operations which then led to a career in the networking sphere.

For the last 18 years he has worked in the financial industry as a network design engineer, primarily focused on routing, switching, multicast and firewalls. 

Barry's first Apple experience was having to support Appletalk on a primarily IP network but tried not to hold a grudge. He bought a secondhand iPad a few years ago and has found the slope into Apple usage to be slippery. Barry is attending a support group to help him turn off his last PC and make the transition fully.

This is his first time as a podcaster