The Wearables Technology Show

Here you will find many of the technologies we discussed during the podcast. A brief description, copied from the shows programme, along with links to the various vendors sites can also be found. Hopefully this will allow you to view the items Dr. Richard Harkness and myself discussed during the show.


Walk With Path

Path Finder is a shoe attachment that provides visual cues for the wearer to guide the foot movement and gate.

Pathfinder is designed for Parkinson's patients who suffer from Freezing of Gait (FoG), and intervenes by triggering movement and preventing falls.



The ring with a personal security system. The ring features the panic button that sends emergency alerts to a preset list of contacts including friends, family members, first responders and other members of the community.


Kopin will be demonstrating the Scotts Sight Firefighters helmet by Scott safety: a revolutionary system that provides firefighters with hands-free access to thermal imaging data via a near-eye I augmented display unit affixed to the side of their safety mask.


Kerv Wearables brings you Kerv Ring: the world's first commercially available contactless payment ring, powered by MasterCard.

Maxwell Guider

Slimmer and sleek super watch monitors your heart health and provide on-board BioData without bringing a phone. Blood pressure, pulse, and the combined ECG generated data(Fatigue/stress level, body age, SCD/ stroke risk index, blood sugar, Sports and mood analysis) shows instantly on the watch to give you insights of your overall health condition.


Kardio Band - Alivecor helps people take control of their heart health through innovative & wearable health solution.


Hushme is a personal acoustic device that protects speech privacy in open space environments.