Free App of the Week - Bean's Quest

Every week Apple makes an iOS app free to its customers. This week is a fun platform game called Bean’s Quest from Kumobius.

You play a Mexican jumping bean sporting a sombrero as it constantly jumps its way through many levels collecting gems, smashing enemies, discovering hidden areas and avoiding traps.

The look is every similar to a certain world inhabited by a certain Italian plumber with the exception here that your little character never stops jumping.

With simple gameplay and controls, consisting of just left or right, you will soon be able to pick up this fun little game. The challenge comes as the maps and obstacles get more complicated. 

Emilio has been cursed and his girlfriend kidnapped! Transformed by dark magic into a jumping bean, you must bounce your way to victory through 50 levels spread over 5 worlds. Can you rescue your one true love and find your missing pet axolotls?

Bean’s Quest brings back retro platforming to your iPhone or iPad with super intuitive controls; touch left or touch right - it’s so simple!
— App Store Description

Take the opportunity of adding this fun little platformer to your library and just jump right in with the gameplay.