Free App of the Week - Vantage Calendar

Every week Apple makes an iOS app free to its customers. This week is a unique looking Calendar application called Vantage Calendar by Fortyfour AB. 

If you are anything like me you will probably have tried several calendar apps over time until finally settling on one that is practical for your daily use. Vantage Calendar offers all of the usual calendar features but presents them in a unique way and charming way. You simply scroll through the dates that are represented on a moving track, similar to the style Guitar Hero made famous, then you can tap on individual days to open the events or appointments. It offers a visually interesting dynamic on the usual static calendar format. 

Just a simple and easy calendar app. Built to be highly visual and customizable for the best possible view of your life. Welcome to a new perspective.
In our view a calendar should visualize someones life, so we set out to build the most visual calendar ever. Vantage is loaded with design options like colors, stickers and fonts so that you can let the events you care about stand out and get a great view over the days to come.
— Developers Description

You can download Vantage Calendar for free over the next week so take the opportunity to add this app to your library.