A New Look


Way back, when I decided to start Mac & Forth, when we were not even a podcast, my idea was just to have a site where I could share Apple related posts under my own name. Obviously a little while later the Mac & Forth Show Podcast emerged. Barry, Matt, Ric and I fumbled our way through learning how to do our show on a semi-regular basis.

We grew from initially just using Google Hangouts and learned how to use the myriad of tools and services available to produce the show over time and, hopefully, improve it. All the while however the web site basically stayed the same, with the exception of a few pages coming and going over the years.

Even after our extended hiatus a few years back plus the addition of our new hosts, Alan, Dean and Steve, the tools we used continued to evolve and grow but the web site remained the same. This was mainly due to the fact that it often took so much to produce a weekly show that I never had much time to dedicate to the site, with the exception of logging in to post an episode.

As a result the site remained dormant for many years. If it wasn’t broken why fix it? This is not usually my mantra as I often like to keep improving things but in all honesty traffic was pretty low due to the only new content arriving being the shows, all of which were readily available through listeners pod-catchers of choice.

Now, as we look to increase our content, including new written pieces and videos, Dean expressed an interest in updating our SquareSpace site. As he shared on a recent Patreon episode however, he wasn’t that keen to add new content to a site that looked so outdated. I can hardly blame him.

As a result Dean undertook revamping the site and breathed a freshness into the old design. The new look is a lot cleaner and  modern and I am eternally grateful for his fantastic work. He found a way to still integrate our main logo but with a new feel.

To compliment the new design he also decided to rebrand our various logos across social media sites, along with revising our podcast cover art and episode cover art too. You should see the changes propagate through the various systems very shortly.

A Touch of Rebranding

A Touch of Rebranding

I am very grateful to everyone that has given their time over the years, either as hosts or as guests, and allowed us to keep Mac & Forth running and hopefully producing entertaining content. Also, a big thank you to all our wonderful Patreon contributors who finance the various services we continue to use and keep us going.

We do not have delusions of grandeur, but are keen hobbyists who love to share our thoughts and opinions on Apple, and other tech related issues and hope you find entertainment in that.

I sincerely hope that you will continue to enjoy our productions and that you feel very welcome in our little, newly rebranded, community.

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