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Our First Facebook Live Attempt

This weekend I found myself at a bit of a loose end. It was too early to start drinking, without admitting I might have a problem anyway, and it was also raining outside negating the idea of going for a walk. Unable to find anything that really caught my attention on YouTube I thought I’d dust off the OBS app on my Mac and try a Facebook live video.

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A New Look

After many years of the Mac & Forth web site looking a certain way, our very own Dean Murphy has taken on the task of dragging us all into the modern age with a brand new looking site. I am so happy and pleased with all his hard work, not only on the site but with all the accompanying rebranding across our social media sites and onto our forthcoming podcasts. Thank you greatly Dean.

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A Very Short Video

Just the other day a sudden realisation struck me while I was scrolling through my photo library on my iPhone. Although I now had one of the most advanced camera phones in the world I was confounded by the fact I had not appeared to have used it a great deal. I take a short trip to London to change that.

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Reclaiming My Twitter Feed

Following our discussion on the Mac & Forth Show Podcast over the last two weeks it appears many of our listeners are also losing interest in the relentless stream of diatribe they experience when using their social media platforms of choice, the main culprits being Facebook and Twitter. However, there we are not helpless to try and reclaim our social media platforms of choice.

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Shocked that Apple is Working on a 4K TV!

Today Mark Gurman over on Bloomberg has reported that Apple is testing a new Apple TV capable of streaming content for UHD-TV's, or as most folks know them, 4K TV. I think the more shocking story would be if Apple 'wasn't' working on this. With the likes of Amazon and ROKU boxes already offering this ability, it would be astounding if the Cupertino Company wasn't already hard at work not only on producing a box for later this year but also securing the rights to stream 4K content from their iTunes store.

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An Apple Watch On The Side?

The Apple Watch is almost here but looking ahead what will it's refresh cycle be? Will it go hand in hand with future iPhone releases and if so how might that change how we currently view our upgrades? Will the market adapt to this new piece of technology or might Carriers see an opportunity to differentiate themselves from the crowd?

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