Barry Unleashes the full destructive power of Star Wars: Death Star I.T. pt.2

It's time to break out the popcorn, boot up YouTube and settle down for the second thrilling instalmeant of Star Wars: DSIT (Death Star IT (Information Technology)). Follow the continuing adventures of Bob and Dave, two sub-contractors working for the Imperial IT department on the technological marvel that is the brand new Death Star.

Witness their daily struggles to maintain network integrity, acquire canteen vouchers and negotiate with the reticent Mr Stevens.

Written and produced by former M&F host, Barry Gentleman and starring some voices you may recognise from here and there, SW:DSIT is a continuing project that helps keep Barry off the streets.

So sit back, chill and take in the splendour that is DSIT...Until Disney come after us anyway.

Uploaded by Barry Gentleman on 2019-06-28.