Our First Facebook Live Attempt


This weekend I found myself at a bit of a loose end. It was too early to start drinking, without admitting I might have a problem anyway, and it was also raining outside negating the idea of going for a walk. Unable to find anything that really caught my attention on YouTube I thought I’d dust off the OBS app on my Mac and try a Facebook live video.

I currently enjoy a number of YouTube channels that basically consist of a person chatting to the screen about a piece that might have been buzzing around the movie or gaming industry. These usually consist of reading some of the main story and then offering their opinions on what the implications may be. There are a few tech sites that do something similar but they are normally much more professionally shot using equipment, setups and backdrops that I just do not have access too.

Rather than let this stymie me I decided just to embrace it and show off my bedroom (I just can’t call it a studio) for all to see, if they so wished.

I was soon ready to hit the “Go Live” button and see what happened…

That embed was a bit of a cheat as that video file is from YouTube, not Facebook live. However, moving forward I do plan to share the videos from Facebook on YouTube, as I know there are some who staunchly refuse to join or use the social media behemoth which is fair enough.

If however you do want to see the videos as they go out live and wish to join in the chat, then please join our Facebook Group here. It’s a closed group so I have to authorise membership but that doesn’t usually take long.

I hope to do a few of these videos a week as they are fun and I enjoy the immediate feedback from viewers. I am also working on the lighting and video quality so I hope that by the next one there should be an improvement.