Apple Event Announced for October 22nd


We have barely had time to enjoy the wonderful sensation of holding a new iPhones in our hands and Apple are already gearing up to show us what else they have been working on. What have they cooked up for us this time and is my Bank Manager going to be sending me angry letters again?

The rumours were spot on (makes a change) next Tuesday will infact see yet another Apple event. The invites have gone out claiming 'We still have a lot to cover' accompanied by many pastel coloured leave shapes from their logo. What can this mean? As always many enthusiasts will be parsing the invitation and trying into to work out just what Apple has up it's sleeve.  

If we go by the rumours we can expect a faster and lighter iPad 5 and an iPad mini with Retina display, possibly each with their own Touch ID technology. It is pretty certain Apple will finally tell us the price tag for the upcoming Mac Pro (get ready to wince) and they will naturally show off their latest OS, Mavericks.

Will there be more to see? Maybe an Apple TV update? New iWorks? New Aperture? In a weeks time we will know. One thing for certain though, there will be many bank balances out there that might need a nice stiff drink to see them through the coming months.


Karl Madden