Apple Brings The iPhone Trade-In Program To The UK


Apple has launched it's iPhone trade-in scheme here in the UK. It is effectively the same program that was launched in the US this past Summer. So is the scheme worth it or are customers being sold short?

What to do with your old iPhone is always a question that raises it's head once you have seen the latest little device to spring forth from the Cupertino Campus.  Well unless you want to lock the little fella in a safe somewhere there are really only a few options.

The first that comes to mind is the 'hand-me-down' choice. Some lucky member of the family is fortunate enough to suddenly find themselves in possession of a brand new phone, to them at least. 

Another option is to hit eBay and try to sell your iDevice. Actually it is often surprising just how well iPhones hold their prices, as long as they are in good condition, complete with cables and packaging.

Well as of now the UK has another option. The iPhone trade-in scheme is part of Apple's Reuse and Recycle service. You have the choice of either applying online or in person in one of the nations many Apple stores. The online experience is pretty simple and involves you filling in a few questions after which you are presented with an estimated price.


Walking into a store will result in an Apple staff member asking you the same questions as presented on the site while examining the device in detail. The resulting determined value can then be used as credit towards an new iPhone. Prices appear to fluctuate somewhat. Various news sites proclaim Apple are willing to offer up to £175 for your old phone, however, after answering the questions myself regarding my previous iPhone I got a quote of £230.

Although I welcome the service I do feel that the proposed prices are a little low. Obviously this would depend on the model and condition of your phone, but I feel the eBay route is the better option. A quick check comparing the same specs I entered on the Apple site resulted in a number of iPhones already up past the £300 mark on eBay. This would of course mean you have to go through all the required steps to place your item, wait for the auction to finish, wait for your payment and then complete the shipping process but in the long run it might be more financially advantageous. However, if you want a quick, no nonsense offer then at least you can now take advantage of the Apple service.

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