The Mac & Forth Show 001 - Hello World

The Mac & Forth Show is here.

We battle a few audio issues (that I'm sure we'll correct by our next show...honest) but still muddle through and discuss the week's Apple related news.

Karl Madden is joined by Matt BartonRic McCorriston and Barry Gentleman to have a back and forth about:-

The New Mach Pro has arrived but Matt hasn't got his...yet.
12 days of Gifts but not everyone is happy.
Tim Cook tells his staff to look forward to 2014 and we ask what's coming.
Jacob Applebaum has scared the heck out of everyone, or so I thought.
iDevice controllers are here but why do they all cost the same?
The Kickstarter that wants to turn your iPad into a ZX Spectrum.
iPhapblet rumours run riot.
What's caught our eye at CES.
Ric uses 'Find My iPhone' in anger.
The MacMedics solve an issue.

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