Apple Buys PrimeSense


Apple has purchased the Israeli company PrimeSense which was the force behind the first Kinect controller from Microsoft. Speculation has already started to mount as to how Apple will integrate motion sensors into future devices. 

One of many being voiced is it’s inclusion in an future Apple TV update with the ability to switch content with just a wave of your hand. Other possibilities are hand gestures to control your iPad or iPhone. I’m not sure if this would be the case but it would certainly alleviate the problem of smudged finger prints covering the displays.

Apparently the deal was for around $350 million and was confirmed yesterday by Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet during a phone interview.

This is the latest in a number of acquisitions for Apple which have recently included an online transit-navigator and business locations mapper. 

Apple are always very secretive regarding their future plans and the possibility exists that we will not see this new purchase utilised anytime soon. However the prospect is quite tantalising as to what Apple has planned in the field of motions sensors.

BlogKarl Madden