Review: Unpossible

There are many games out there for iOS. However some of the best take advantage of simple controls and game mechanics then wrap them all up with a stunning presentation and that elusive desire to just 'have one more go'. I personally find these kinds of games the most fun and the most addictive. 

Unpossible from Acceleroto, is a game that ticks all of these boxes. The premise is very simple. You are hurtling down a pipe in a Tron-like universe for some odd reason. Up ahead are a myriad of obstacles that you must avoid. You accomplish this by either tilting your device or pressing left or right depending on the control type you have selected. This results in you spinning around the pipe in a dizzying display that is further complicated by the fact that not only do more obstacles present themselves but your speed continuously increases. 

As you progress on each track it opens up other tracks you can try, each more demanding than the last. The game seems nearly impossible, or Unpossible, to play at first but you soon find yourself getting further and further with each try. Finally if, or rather when, you crash you can restart the game almost immediately thus fuelling your desire to try one more time.  

The game is a one off payment of £1.49 and thankfully has no in-app purchases. There is an additional feature where you can record your daring dynamic downward plunges should you wish to keep a record of your dexterous dives too dazzle your friends with.  You can also share, or rather spam, your results on Twitter and Facebook should you so feel the need.

All in all Unpossible is a fantastic pick up and play game that is infuriatingly difficult and yet intensely satisfying.

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ReviewKarl Madden