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Pocketful of Power

Recently I had a few pennies burning a hole in the proverbial pocket. I also for some reason had decided it might be nice to have a couple of "pocket power-packs" and being the cheapskate that I am I decided to visit the eBay and see what I might gather...

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Review: Unpossible

There are many games out there for iOS. However some of the best take advantage of simple controls and game mechanics then wrap them all up with a stunning presentation and that elusive desire to just 'have one more go'. I personally find these kinds of games the most fun and the most addictive. 

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Review: Waterlogue

Every now and then an app comes along that does just one task, but it does it so well it grabs the public’s imagination. Waterlogue by Tinrocket, is not the first app of it’s kind but it currently seems to be the best. It’s function is relatively simple, take your photos and turn them into awesome looking watercolour paintings. 

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Towers, Planes... Now Trains!

Like all NimbleBit's games, Pocket Trains is a freebie, there are some in app purchase options but we'll come to those later. The (mandatory) intro tutorial is a nice feature; you start with a couple of trains, a stretch of line in Europe and a few 'Bux'. The tutorial will show you the ropes that you'll be going through until you're bored of the game.

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ReadQuick Review

ReadQuick from Action Now is a fantastic speed reading app for both iPhone and iPad that will assist in your reading speed and retention rates. I was most impressed with the results and surprised how quickly my reading speed improved with its use.

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