The iPhone 6+ Test Shots

With the introduction of iPhone 6+ and it's optical Image stabilisation, focus pixels and processing power we thought we would put it to the test, in other words we were out and about and we thought 'What the heck'. Being as this is The Mac & Forth Show we couldn't afford to head off to some exotic location so instead we decided to head to Stratford and the Olympic Park and try some comparison shots between the iPhone 6+ and the iPhone 4S (because Karl had already sold his 5S (Ka-ching)). All of these shots were simple point and shoot, nothing has been done to them as we agreed that this is how MOST people will use the camera.

I'm not sure quite how well my photo widget will display the images but hopefully you'll get some idea between the two phones...even if it is a 4S. 

I'll be continuing to play with the camera as well as the Slo-Mo video in a future post.

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