A Very Short Video

Just the other day a sudden realisation struck me while I was scrolling through my photo library on my iPhone. Although I now had one of the most advanced camera phones in the world I was confounded by the fact I had not appeared to have used it a great deal. Although I had years of archived moments my recent activity had seen a huge reduction. I was at a loss to explain this and all I could muster was that old trope that 'I must just have been too busy'. 

Fast forward to today when I decided enough was enough. I would finally take advantage of this wonderful device, a device that uses its camera as one of its main selling points. Fortunately, our rather depressing Winter here in Britain appears to be drawing to a close and so I packed my trusty satchel bag with various iPhone gadgets and headed for the Embankment to shoot a little video. 

I have always been more interested in the video aspects of the iPhone, although the recent addition of the portrait mode can produce some stunning results, I tend to still concentrate on shooting movies. My usual hikes to London involve me arriving around midday and then heading back home mid-afternoon. This time I made a conscious decision to try and get to the river just before the golden hour. 

I wasn't really sure what I would get for my efforts and I had no distinct plan but I thought I'd put together a very short video here just to share what I was able to capture. I used the Filmic Pro app on the phone and did the editing and a tiny bit of tweaking in Final Cut Pro. Although the result is not likely to win any awards it has spurred me on to return to my fair city on a regular basis and keep trying to capture her beauty, assuming the weather allows naturally.