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The Mac & Forth Show 198 - It's Not Showtime. Yet.

Apple took to the stage Monday and revealed a number of new services that they have lined up for us. Alan, Steve and Karl mull them over and share their thoughts on Apple’s entry into Magazine subscriptions, credit cards, subscription gaming and TV streaming. Did the line up get their pulses racing or send them into a coma? Luckily Apple also activated the ECG app across Europe so at least we can check. All this and slightly more on this week’s episode.

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The Mac & Forth Show 141 - Prime Time

We have a full house this week as not only do the regulars Dean Murphy and Karl Madden look over the week’s Apple and tech related stories, but also Guy Serle (MyMac Podcast and Mac to the Future Show) and Brian Monroe (Mac to the Future) come along for the ride. Amazon’s Prime long awaited Apple TV app finally arrives but was it wroth the wait? The ATV also get updated to and the Apple TV App comes to the UK. Google and Amazon and now having a media related hissy fit. Apple is paying it’s taxes and Jony Ive is back at the wheel. All this and slightly more and this week’s episode.

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Shocked that Apple is Working on a 4K TV!

Today Mark Gurman over on Bloomberg has reported that Apple is testing a new Apple TV capable of streaming content for UHD-TV's, or as most folks know them, 4K TV. I think the more shocking story would be if Apple 'wasn't' working on this. With the likes of Amazon and ROKU boxes already offering this ability, it would be astounding if the Cupertino Company wasn't already hard at work not only on producing a box for later this year but also securing the rights to stream 4K content from their iTunes store.

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