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The Mac & Forth Show 203 - A Grand Stand


After a short break Alan, Dean, Steve and Karl return to their podcasting duties. Following a rather exciting WWDC keynote, they discuss some of the features that will be coming to iOS, WatchOS, TVOS, MacOS and now iPadOS later this year. Well, except for Dean who has jumped into beta-country with both feet on virtually all of his devices. All this and a new Mac Pro to discuss. Someone had better break out the ‘FanBoy Alert’ siren. 

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The Mac & Forth Show 201 - White Flag

On this week’s episode Alan, Steve and Karl discuss and offer their opinions regarding the recent settlement between Qualcomm and Apple. The continuing passage of the E.U. Copyright Directive. New iPad Pro productivity videos. Some publishers are already becoming frustrated with Apple News+ and an Apple watch helps out an 80-year old lady. All this plus slightly more on this week’s episode. 

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