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The Mac & Forth Show 144 - Billions!

On this week’s show Alan Vickers, Dean Murphy and Steven Leach join Karl Madden to discuss Amazon launching the Echo Spot in the UK, Tim Cook addressing the recent iPhone battery issues, Apple repatriating their billions, the expanding catalog of Apple’s video service, the approaching release of HomePod and Def Leppard finally coming to digital streaming...all this and slightly more. 

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The Mac & Forth Show 098 - Four Fingered Pinch

This week I am joined by Alan Vickers and we go over the weeks Apple related news. Apple releases updates across the board and we look ahead to what iOS 10.3 has in store for us, including a new file system. Developers will finally be able to reply to reviews in the App Store. Possible modular add-ons are coming to the Apple Watch. AudioBooks deal comes to and end and Star Trek fans can finally enjoy Amazon’s Echo….OK Computer.

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