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The Mac & Forth Show 199 - Happy Madden

This week David Dean of ‘I Confess I’m a Geek’ podcast joins Dean, Steve and Karl to go through the week’s Apple-related news. Karl has his brand new iPad Mini and loves it. The AirPower is no more and the same goes for Google+. New Wireless Beats are on the way.  The HomePod gets a little cheaper. and someone is suing Apple, just another standard week really. Join us for all of this, and slightly more, on this week’s episode.

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The Mac & Forth Show 168 - Karl's Country Mix

Steve returns this week to join Alan and Karl as they discuss the week’s Apple related topics. A new Apple Music Friends Mix is coming and Karl can’t wait to inflict his Country music on the others. Apparently, virtually no-one is using the Echo to buy anything and neither are we. Instapaper finally returns to Europe. Apple joins the Thread board and InfoWars finds themselves kicked off Apple’s Podcast directory. All this and slightly more on this week’s episode.

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The Mac & Forth Show 146 - Earnings Boast

This week Apple has announced it’s latest earning and apparently they are still doing ok.  Alan Vickers, Dean Murphy and Steven Leach have ordered their HomePod’s leaving Karl Madden the odd one out…mind you, he’s been odd for a while now. A movie director is thinking of shooting all his future features on phones but unfortunately it probably requires talent too. All this and slightly more on this week’s episode. 

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