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Reclaiming My Twitter Feed

Following our discussion on the Mac & Forth Show Podcast over the last two weeks it appears many of our listeners are also losing interest in the relentless stream of diatribe they experience when using their social media platforms of choice, the main culprits being Facebook and Twitter. However, there we are not helpless to try and reclaim our social media platforms of choice.

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The Mac & Forth Show 100 - The One Hundredth

This week on our 100th episode I am joined by Barry Gentleman, Matt Barton and Richard Harkness as we go over the weeks Apple and tech related news. 

We look back at our first episode from three years ago before turning our attention to the modern day social media issues. Apple hires to develop the Apple TV and warn users of iOS 32bit apps that the end is nigh. Finally some iPhone 8 rumours surface along with an expensive price tag...apparently. 

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