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The Mac & Forth Show 180 - Steve's Pirate iPhone XRrrrr

This week Dean shares his thoughts on his new iPad Pro. Meanwhile Alan and Karl enjoy not maxing out their credit cards and are not in the least bit bothered they haven’t got new Apple items to play with…no honest…not one bit (sob). In additional news Apple is still making lots of money but not enough for Wall Street, plus there is a new rumour that one of Apple’s most popular pieces of hardware is about to get an update, but hopefully not with an extra 20% price tag.

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The Mac & Forth Show 177 - More In The Making

Adobe has officially announced that Photoshop is coming to the iPad. Dean, Steve and Karl share their thoughts on what this could mean for their favourite tablet. Adobe has also announced a few other applications that could get your creative juices flowing. The iPhone XR is about to go on sale and speculation is that Apple has a huge hit on their hands. We also might know when the new iPads are coming. All this and slightly more on this week’s episode.

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