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The Mac & Forth Show 197 - Clearing The Decks

After an exciting week regarding Apple announcements Alan, Dean and Karl return to look over the updated iPad Air, iPad Mini (Yippee!), iMac and AirPods. They share their thoughts and views about what this clearing of the decks could mean for next weeks announcement. They also turn their attention to the recently announced Stadia service from Google and ponder what it could mean for gaming on the Mac and iOS devices. All this and slightly more on this week’s episode. 

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The Mac & Forth Show 180 - Steve's Pirate iPhone XRrrrr

This week Dean shares his thoughts on his new iPad Pro. Meanwhile Alan and Karl enjoy not maxing out their credit cards and are not in the least bit bothered they haven’t got new Apple items to play with…no honest…not one bit (sob). In additional news Apple is still making lots of money but not enough for Wall Street, plus there is a new rumour that one of Apple’s most popular pieces of hardware is about to get an update, but hopefully not with an extra 20% price tag.

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The Mac & Forth Show 167 - Number Invaders

In a week Apple became the first US Company to be worth 1 Trillion dollars Alan, Dean and Karl share their opinions of that and other Apple-related news. The cancellation of app store affiliate payments, Cupertino want Apple to help fund the Hyperloop, Phishing scams alert, France bans smartphones from the classroom and Karl recalls Number Invaders on his old calculator…Yes, it was a thing. All this and slightly more on this week’s episode.

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The Mac & Forth Show 162 - Crumby Keyboard?

With virtually the entire team unavailable this week Karl is joined by Gazmaz from the MyMac Podcast and developer Russ Freeman to share their thoughts and opinion on the week’s Apple related news. Apple creates a ‘Keyboard Service Program’ to try and combat those crumb swallowing MacBooks. Apple has been working on a new version of Maps, Watches ‘are’ scratchable, Apple news getting focus on American politics and apparently new AirPods are on the way…next year.

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The Mac & Forth Show 099 - Return of the BritishMac

This week I am joined by Alan Vickers, Dean Murphy (creator of the Crystal Adblock App) and Mr. BritishMac himself, Will Green as we go over the weeks Apple related news. 

Apple is still in the money and the iPhone is selling well, confounding the analysts once again. Is the Apple Watch in a market all of its own? AirPods get a silent but, for Karl anyway, effective update, however can you get hold of them anywhere and Wi-fi calling comes to Three (thankfully). 

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