Apple iPad Event To Be Streamed Live


Unlike it's iPhone event last month it appears that Apple is planning to stream the live event tonight, however, only if you have a Apple device. 

The keynote is expected to introduce the new iPad 5, iPad Mini with Retina display, new Macbook Pros, new Mac Pro and the latest iteration of Mac's OS, Mavericks.

It is always a bit of a gamble as to whether Apple will stream these events but it would appear tonight we are striking it lucky. This is obviously always the most advantageous way to view these events as usually the few who like to watch these events are usually made to troll live blogs from the lucky few who had been invited to the event. With the event streaming live it frees these tech reporters to give there opinions on what is presented instead of slavishly trying to keep up with the parade of announcements.

The event will commence live at 10am from the Yerba Buena Centre in San

BlogKarl Madden