Ever since switching from PC's to Mac's (which I know is still a PC but you know what I mean) there has always been one aspect of a limited number of Apple users which has always bemused me. The trait usually becomes noticeable shortly after or even during a Apple Keynote. 

The process appears to go something like this. Excitement builds as a presenter introduces and then details all the functions and benefits that a new piece of hardware/software has to offer. Then, as the presentation rolls on and the precise and exact feature that this user wanted, wished for or expected doesn't appear they take to one of the many social media sites and instantly proclaim that Apple is no longer innovating, that they have left money on the table, that they have lost their direction, that Steve would have done it better, that Steve wouldn't have done it at all, that competitors are already doing it, that competitors don't bother doing it, it's not cheap enough, that it should be free anyway, that they have just priced themselves out of the market, that it's not the right colour, that there are too many colours, that it's not the colour they wanted, that it's made of plastic, it's made of aluminium, it's sealed, it's been done before, no one will use it, no one will need it, it's a minor update, it's a minor upgrade, it's too big of an upgrade, it's too early for adoption, it's missed wide spread adoption or they just don't like that gold colour. It's all about me, me, me, me, ME, ME, ME!!!

It might just be with the pervasiveness of modern communication that these few have a much louder voice but I have to ask myself sometimes who are they complaining and whining too? 

Firstly rushing to judgement is never a good thing. Sure you can be controversial in a knee-jerk kind of way if you wish but being so can also make you look like a twa prat, especially if you later have to climb down from the parapet you trumpeted your negativity from so loudly and forcibly. 

We are constantly presented with an abundance of choices here in the western world. If a computer company doesn't appear to offer you what you want or need then there are many other companies out there that will be more than willing to try and fill the niche you find yourself in. It is not the role of any company to singularly cater for you alone, and don't quote 'The customer is always right' nonsense because no-one believes that deep down if we are all being honest. 

I don't think Apple is alone however in attracting this minority. I noticed during the last Google IO there were a significant number of naysayers amongst the audience too. Is this really what we have become? Petty, mewing, narrow minded users who only want to see our own needs catered for?  If so then that is a sad outcome to all the wonderful technology we have been presented with over the years, no matter which company it came from.

Photo Credit: Bridget Coila CC BY-SA 2.0

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