Short Sited Specs


I keep hearing comments such as '64-bit? Who needs that in a phone?' or 'My current phone does everything I need', or 'Why do you need all that power. Nothing uses it.'  For folks who are apparently interested in gadgets and technology I find these somewhat shortsighted opinions. If the tech world never pushed boundaries then where would we be? Would 5.25 floppies still be the media of the day? Would VHS machines still snuggle comfortably under our CRT TV screens? Would the ZX80 be the pinnacle of UK Computing?

Technology marches on. It always does. As soon as one aspect is improved it facilitates the need for another area to catch up or adapt. Fortunately, as this steady march progresses creative people discover ways to use this new power they are now afforded. The advances allow us to experience greater applications or faster services, each one building on the previous, sometimes even destroying it completely and forming a new one. This is progress, mankind has been doing it…well, since the dawn of mankind. 

Technicians, engineers and programmers always appear to embrace the new technology they are presented with as they can see what this opportunity might bring tomorrow. That to me is the wonder of these advances, they usher in the possibilities of a better tomorrow. However, if you wish to stand still, and you may have perfectly understandable reasons for wishing to do so, then please don't forgot that the march of technological innovation never sleeps. It keeps pulling and tempting us towards a more inventive world….Of course, on the downside, it could all just lead to cyborg terminators that want to kill us all….so there's always that small issue to worry about. 


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