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Hello and welcome to Mac & Forth. Now I know what you are probably thinking, 'Oh look, another Apple fan site. Like there aren't enough of them on the Interweb already'.

Well yes, I'm afraid it's true. I have created this site due to my enjoyment of the products from that corporation in Cupertino, and I am aware Apple fan boy sites are a dime a dozen, but after weighing up the pros and cons and thinking long and hard, with much soul searching and contemplation of producing yet another site dedicated to all things Apple I thought, what the heck?

That's the beauty of the technological age we live in. We can create things that we enjoy and use the tools that only a few years ago dedicated magazine publishers only had access too.  Magazines…you used to buy them....from the newsagents…they were pieces of glossy paper stapled together covered in various stories and articles on a myriad of topics….Oh,  just look them up on Wikipedia. 

Sorry, facetiousness aside, where was I? Oh yes, I was going to explain why I've set up here. I was rather late jumping on the Apple bandwagon. I had been a dedicated Windows user and had often considered the flashy Apple products as simple but nice looking toy computers, made for people who didn't really know how to use a proper PC. I know, don't stone me. For me it had always been about using the PC, not what I could use it for.  I spent most of my time repairing things. Infections, network issues, hardware limitations were just some the joys I had to address regularly. In fact I spent so much time maintaining I never really got around to creating. All of that was about to change. 

I still recall the fateful day that a friend of my brothers sold him his iPhone 3G. I had heard of the iPhone naturally but just considered it a big waste of money, after all my Motorola Razor was obviously far superior in it's sleek design and build quality. Anyway, my brother not being very interested in technology, asked if I could take the phone to work and set it up for him. At the time I was working in a PC repair shop and I still can't recall exactly what happened that day but I do recall purchasing my very own iPhone the very next morning.

From there it was a slippery slope. The iPad, a MacBook Air, an iMac, a Mac-Mini and various upgrades for the afore mentioned iPhones and iPads. 

I now look forward to the various keynotes from Apple as products are updated or new lines are introduced. I enjoy experiencing new software and new services. I also enjoy the creative avenues my Apple devices have opened up to me, namely podcasts and content creation. The ability to create, share and learn are powerful and enriching activities. 

As a result I decided to pull many of the areas I enjoy, namely writing, videography and podcasting into one place. The result is Mac & Forth. I hope you enjoy the site and will be willing to share its existence amongst like minded individuals. 

I'd like to warmly thank everyone who has helped and encouraged me to create this site, it is greatly appeciated.

Lastly I'd like to thank you for dropping by and taking the time to read this far. I am very grateful to the Apple Community for all the people it has enabled me to meet, either through User Groups, Podcasts or Social Media sites. The opportunity to meet and interact with so many individuals from different walks of life and different countries has been a real pleasure and is a result I never could have imagined happening due to simply buying a phone a few years ago. 

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