G+ Update Allows Full Resolution Photo Back-Up


Google has updated it’s G+ for iOS app and now allows you to back-up your photos at full resolution. This brings it in line with the Android version released a few weeks back.

When Google first offered the photo back-up service I recall that I baulked at the idea. However now, after allowing the search giant to wilfully suck up my candid moments for a few months, I find it invaluable. The fact that those little memories will now be stored at full resolution is an added perk. 

Google have also updated the ability to share your location with other uses. You can select pin-point or city accuracy then fine tune which of your contacts can see the result. This can be achieved on a person by person basis or simply shared to one or more of your circles. Fortunately the feature can always just be switched off if you feel the need for some privacy. 

I am a recent convert to the G+ world and have been impressed by how Google keeps expanding the service. If you tried G+ is the past but wasn’t thrilled with the experience it might be worth popping back and seeing what’s new. 

Here is a list of what’s new in this update:

What’s New in Version 4.6.0
- Full resolution backup of your photos and videos (iOS7 only)
- Updated design for the notification tray
- Share your location, see where your friends are, control who is displayed on the map
- Translate posts and comments inline
- Additional bug fixes and performance improvements


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