Shocked that Apple is Working on a 4K TV!

Today Mark Gurman over on Bloomberg has reported that Apple is testing a new Apple TV capable of streaming content for UHD-TV's, or as most folks know them, 4K TV. I think the more shocking story would be if Apple 'wasn't' working on this. With the likes of Amazon and ROKU boxes already offering this ability, it would be astounding if the Cupertino Company wasn't already hard at work not only on producing a box for later this year but also securing the rights to stream 4K content from their iTunes store.

Although adoption of 4K sets has been relatively slow they appear to be picking up the pace at last with some very respectable models now entering price points that are within many consumers price bracket. 

I myself recently replaced a fairly new Samsung set with a 4K and HDR Panasonic set that didn't break the bank. The set, fortunately, has both built-in apps for Netflix, Amazon Streaming Video, YouTube and iPlayer. This, unfortunately, leaves my iTunes media looking a little stale at just 1080p (Ok, not that stale really as it looks pretty sweet most of the time as it uses upscaling).

Apple producing an Apple TV that can output at 4K appears to be a no-brainer at this point, with the real question being when, rather than if. 

However, as a big fan of movies and TV, I for one am particularly looking forward when I can finally plug my Apple TV into the 4K HDMI socket, turn on my home theatre, grab the popcorn and enjoy the latest Marvel movie in glorious 4K HDR.

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